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2nd-May-2009 08:07 pm - Well, the good new is...
...I don't have the swine flu everyone's so worried about (or any form of flu, for that matter) But, like when i went in for my neck, the doctor's not quite sure what exactly's wrong with me. He ruled out bladder infection by making me pee in a cup. Joy. He thinks it's acid build-up in my stomach, similar to acid reflux and stuff that causes heartburn, but it's stays in my stomach and makes little sores (not the big, painful ulcers, thankfully) So, after having walked to the clinic (took almost the entire 50 minutes I allotted myself to get there) I walked the long way back to school in order to walk through the main part of town and stop at the drug store to pick up the over-the-counter drug he suggested. So, now I'm taking the generic version of Prilosec...which the bad news to that is that this medicine will take awhile to take effect, because of the way Prilosec and this one works. (I forget what it's called. Weird medical name) ...and I almost panicked when I saw the price on the box I found in the Drug Store...$43!!!! And I stared at it....and stared...and then realized there was a box further to the left that was only the 14 pills I needed that also cost significantly less. So, I got that one. And also some hard candy for the plane ride, since it was there, and so was I. So, now I'll be popping pills for the next 13 days (already took one of the 14 today) right away in the morning....and my last pill to take will be used the morning we fly to Japan. Which is good. I didn't want to bring any with me. So that's the end of my medical drama I never posted about until now. ^_^

They also told me my blood pressure was good. And my temp. was 99.7. And I didn't see my height, but I assume it still hasn't changed from my last official physical...and, despite my not having cleaned them, the doc told me my ears were pretty clean when he peered into them. He also looked up my nose, but made no comment. hahaha.

And I vacuumed my room today and packed up some stuff....and my roommate stood and watched me vacuum....sometimes moving some of her stuff out of my way, and sometimes pointing to a spot I missed with her toe...but didn't actually help. Of course, I didn't offer the hand it to her, either...and she never offered to take it, so...we're both to blame. I couldn't vacuum all of her side because there was too much all voer the floor....oh well. At least all the hair's off my floor, now. It was gross. And I've decided (without telling her) that SHE'S cleaning the fridge. Not much to it, but...the orange rings in there are from her, when she leaves her open can of soup or ravioli in there, so she can clean it up.

Four quizzes next week---Geol 102, AgEc, Hist. Geol, and Remote Sensing. Yup, all my remaining classes but GIS. One on Tues (Geol 102) and the other 3 on Thursday. Week after this coming is finals, and then I move out and fly to Japan and hang out for 10 days. ^_^

And tomorrow, I get to sleep in. Unlike today, since I had to get up for my appointment.
26th-Apr-2007 09:16 pm - It's in your hands now

Well, I took this quiz after Aldecoary. And I took it twice. Do whatever pleases you.

And it works now!! Hooray!

And, as an aside---Biology project is finished!!! Yay! Turned it in today. And got 20 extra credits for turning it in early. Now, just need to write a paper, read my textbooks, study for quizzes and tests, do the small daily assignments................^_^;;;

23rd-Mar-2007 07:42 pm - *Biiiiiiig smile*
Awesome day and a half!!!!!!!!! (And I'm really happy, if you couldn't tell.)
So, now all of you get to hear (read about) me go on and on and on about it.

Last night:
GSA meeting. Fun stuff. We got to be "intrepid adventurers" in the words of one of the fellow group members...but I'm ahead of myself (Okay, I'll trim down details majorly, you really don't need it all...and if I don't, this post'll me miles long.) Anyhow. After the meeting, we all decide it's so nice outside (plus, we want to escape the room--it's too warm--the heater's still on!!!) that we'll go for a walk. It's a bit after seven. We have some stops (rooms to drop stuff off...and a failed attempt to add a member, she wasn't there) We head out (there are about eight of us) and walk along the creek that goes through campus. And decide to go across the bridge at the park and go see the waterfall. OK, we make out way over to the bridge (sneak through a backyard or two) and cross into the park. follow a trail and go down the slope. (Hehe...and the slope branched off to 2 trails--steeper and muddy vs not-as-steep and gravel. I, and two others, took the steeper, muddy way and managed to almost fall three times, but never actually fall.) We go down and walk along the river and get to the dam and waterfall. Beautiful in the moonlight. You just *had* to be there. (No pics, sorry--didn't have my camera along. If I'd've known ahead of time, I would've had it.) So we make out way towards it, picking our way along the mud and rocks and sand and ice...(fun climbing, there) We go up the side of the waterfall (where there's no water) and decide to climb back up to the bridge from there. (it's right above us) we climb up a very slippery muddy and rocky slope back up to the bridge. (At the top, I had to take the harder way to get on the bridge....but it wasn't too hard, though) The whole thing was just spectacular: the scenery, the companions... It was also a wonderful group thing to do---everyone was helping each other---take the person's hand in front of you to help you keep balanced to get up the slope, put your hand out to the person behind you to help them......it was cool. We got up onto the bridge and everyone stopped and looked up at the crescent moon, glowing between the clouds that had just uncovered it. It was so beautiful....and couldn't resist the urge---put my hands to my mouth and I howled. *giggles insanely* Thgen we walked back and hung out in front of a res hall (dorm) for a bit--met up with a different member, lost a member. Then split---other muddy people went to shower and they went to go watch the movie playing at the theatre, and I went back to my room. It was around 9:20-9:30. I had a quiz today qhich I hadn't really studied for, but I was really tired. I read through my notes once and went to bed.

Skip morning and classes. (I didn't skip...they just don't need to be discussed...though, I will mention, I got lucky on that quiz---we always go over the answers after they're handed in, so I know I got one wrong. But Prof notices he put 11 questions on there, when the quizzes are all worth 10 points, so he says he'll subtract the number wrong from 11, but it'll be out of ten--bsaically, one free wrong. So, I got 100% anyway.) Lunch--met up with a friend. She's also in GSA, but had missed the meeting due to other stuff. So I tell her all she missed, and she decides she wants to go see the waterfall herself. We'd also been discussing day plans and I had mentioned that I planned on walking to the music store then heading to the park and retrace last night, this time with my camera. So she asks if she can come with me. We leave lunch and stop at my room so I can grab my money and my camera, and we leave our backpacks there. We go down Main...and since my memory's terrible, we go right past the music store and keep on walking...until we decide we know for sure we must've passed it, since we were getting too far away, so we turned around. Found it tihs time around, and it's emabrrassingly close to school....so pathetic that I missed it. So we go in...but then I remember that I forgot my ID...and I'd only brought my checkbook, which usually, they ask for ID....so I couldn't get the valve oil I needed. She offered to buy it for me and have me just pay her back, but I told her it wasn't necessary--I'd just come back later. So, we leave the store and back to campus to re-orient before heading out to the park. (and we joke about getting lost, because I'm really good at it and this is also the friend I got lost back during the conference with in the basement of the building...but those are inside jokes)
So, we head out and decide to go to the park and the bridge and find the path to the falls that way, instead of finding the road that goes straight to the bridge, like we had last night. We find it just fine, I'll state for the record. Didn't get lost at all. This time we opt for the slightly less steep, gravel way down. I lead her around to the waterfall and I show her where we all had been last night and the paths we took. (And I'm taking pictures, too) So we climb up the side of the waterfall, but instead of climbing up the slope to the bridge, we head upriver to find the waterfall I knew about from ECO--not as big, but still pretty darn cool. Slippery rocks and more ice along the way. There was a hunk of rounded, smooth ice in our path that we crossed that looked really really cool....lots of mini-rapids in the river, eddies and currents...the cave/tunnel from last night...we get safely to the other waterfall and decide to head up the way I had with ECO (up the other bankP) instead of turning back the way we came. So, we get to cross the river. The water's nice and cold...only about ankle-deep. One spot was a little deeper and that's where the current was the worst. One leg in and, being clumsy, I almost fell. But we both made it. (In our shoes, no less. I warned her she might want to take hers off---tennis shoes ans socks---but she didn't. me, I was only wearing sandals, so I didn't bother) We climbed the opposite slope (which was steeper than I remembered, and muddier...) And come out on the road and get back to campus. By now, I've gotten and popped two blisters--one on each foot--ankle area, and I can feel two more on each foot forming. But I don't care. I had been feeling restless all day yesterday and today, so it was good, finally letting all the energy out. We go back up to my room. Roommate's back, with one of her friends, but we only stop to drop off my camera and to get her backpack. Then, I walk her back to her dorm building, since I'm still feeling restless, then continue from there to walk the path behind our school along the creek, which takes me back to the side of campus where my dorm is, stopping to take off my sandals, roll up my pants, and to listen and take in various points along the way.... So I had three consecutive walks today--to the store, to the waterfalls, and around campus on the path. And I loved it all. Every second.
Now, my last class gets out at 11:05. I go straight to lunch from there. We didn't stay too long there, so it was probably only sometime after noon when we'd left. And it was about 2:10-2:15ish when we got back to my room....wait, this doesn't add up....anyhow. After my walk, I went up to my room for about thirty seconds, then headed out the door again--wanted to go to KFA to see if practice rooms were open and to stop in the library to read the paper (ok, the comics), then grab my trumpet from my room  and go practice. Well, I'm in the basement of KFA, where the practice rooms are, and I'm feeling hungry, so I check the time: 3:45. Wow. Usually, I eat dinner at 4...plus, all the walking had really emptied my stomach. And I hadn't even realized how much of my afternoon was already gone. So, I head to the library, out of paranoia, and check my email. At 4, I go over to the caf and eat. (I'm walking a little slower now, due to sore feet---I'm still feeling restless, but my feet are protesting.) I'm heading to get a bowl of ice cream after dinner and I see a friend and his sister eating, so I get my bowl and sit with them. I stick with them even after I'm done, because I don't see him very often this semester. And after dinner, we decide to play pool. (There are pool tables....among other things...set up at our Univ Center, which is where the caf is....just need to ask the desk for the sticks and balls) So we play a game. There cousin comes by. We play a couple more games, including her in our group. (I'm terrible at pool, by the way. We played Cutthroat with the three of us, and Solids and Stripes with teams when their cousin showed up.) Then the sister and the cousin get distracted with talking, so they quit playing, but a friend of his show's up, and decides to join. So we play two more rounds of Cuttthroat (which is very similar to Solids and Stripes, 'cept devide the balls by numbers, instead of design---5 balls per person) and I actually managed to win a game. But was thus targeted the eliminated first the second game. But it was fun. Then I finally return to my room, after 7.

So, if you don't count the stopping in for less than a minute for pick-up/drop-off....I hadn't been in my room since I'd left it that morning (around 6...) to go use the computers in the neighboring dorm and study (ok, I studied maybe 10 minutes...I was thinking a lot this morning) in their lounge, staying there until going to class...which then launched into walks and games....so I wasn't actually back in my room until after 7.....longest single span of time I've been here and not in my room. Wow.

And tomorrow's plans are more me to get up in the morning and go over to neighboring dorm ('cause we don't have a VCR) and watch one of the anime a friend loaned me...then finally get started on studying for my two tests and one quiz coming up next week. (And reqork on my Bio project....and try to figure out Scotland...which is looking bad, by the way, Niisama)

But......I'm really tired, now. And my feet hurt. And my legs. And my back. And my neck. And I'm just sleepy...but it's Friday, so it won't be a good sleep night, since all the college students'll be rowdy. And it's only 8:40, but I feel like going to bed. I never got around to practicing my trumpet...I had moved it to after dinner, until I ran into my friend...It's on tomorrow's agenda, too.

I really had fun. I enjoyed myself.
But...I don't need to be that crazy for awhile. (kinda like what we talked about in AgEd, with Introverts and Extroverts...) Being around so many people has drained me. Though, it was fun and I enjoyed myself....I think I was some alone time now.
But.......*huge grin* I can't wait to have fun again, either. With others or by myself when I take another walk in this excellent weather, or play a game, doesn't matter. It's nice, every once in awhile, to throw all concerns aside and just have fun. (Though, it does mean more work later....like tomorrow *sigh*)

Oh, yes, and just because it's random---one of the group members, who also happens to live in my dorm building, has decided he believes I'm a vampire. ^_^;;
It's funny...really....

All right, done rambling. How was everyone else's last days before the weekend?
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